Tiffany Tuck

Principal:  Tiffany Tuck
Phone: 801-402-2100

jennifer pool

Admin. Intern: Jennifer Pool
Phone: 801-402-2100

Contact Information

Main Office: 801-402-2100
Attendance: 801-402-2106
Fax:  801-402-2101

Office Hours:  8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Office Manager:   Cristi Cinbilgel


School Directory



  • This school employs individuals holding an LEA-specific educator license, license areas, and/or endorsements.
  • The following designations or levels apply to educator licenses, license areas (i.e.-elementary, secondary, special education), and content endorsements (i.e.-mathematics, music, Spanish, social studies):
    • Percentage of the FTE that is fully qualified for their assignment:  Fully qualified means the educator has a current professional license and professional license areas and endorsements for their assignments.
    • Percentage of FTE that is partially qualified for their assignment:  Partially Qualified means the educator has an associate license/license area or endorsement in their assignment.  This includes professionally licensed educators who have received associate level license area/endorsements. 
    • Percentage of FTE that is not qualified for their assignment:  This includes educators without a current license, educators teaching on an LEA specific or a professional or associate educator teaching outside their area.  All LEA specific licenses fall into this category.    
  • As of 1/15/23 this school employs educators with the following types of licensures:
  • Fully Qualified – 91.88%
  • Partially Qualified – 5.82%
  • Not Qualified – 2.30%
  • Individual educator credentials are public information and may be found here:

Mission Statement

What is the potential of a child? Is it measurable? Is it predictable? We believe each child has unique gifts that no other child has.  Our mission is to assist parents and families in helping each child discover his or her unique gifts and to affirm the potential that exists in each student.  It is to create caring, responsible, capable, and compassionate 21st century citizens.  It is to help children learn to give more than what is expected.  It is to create an appropriate educational program to help ensure the development of academic, social, and personal abilities and responsibilities in students as they prepare for a productive life in a changing global community.               We believe successful schools create an environment that stimulates individual initiative.
        Each child has value and ability, and we believe the best focus is on the individual. We exist for a single reason: to create an educationally-stimulating environment for our teachers and students.
        We believe a school belongs to its community and patrons and should be operated through appropriate site -based procedures and collaboration.
        Greatness exists in each child.  Antelope Elementary School’s goal is to work together with all stakeholders to help bring out leadership qualities and the greatness that exists in each of its students.